The Iconic Cantilever chair

In the late 1920’s industrialisation had permeated industries like furniture manufacturing and textile making. Designers were developing furniture made from tubular steel, an invention which meant a big change in relation to designer furniture’s accessibility to a wider audience. It was light, stable, could be mass produced, and was easy to maintain. This type of serially produced steel furniture became famous in the 1930’s and valued clean lines, functionality and simplicity.

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britta de laat

Takumi form a large part of Japanese tradition. They are artists who hone and perfect their skills over a lifetime. In contemporary Japan the term has become more generic, and the true practitioners of takumi have declined, but there are still those who remain dedicated to their craft. Perfectionism, diligence and discipline are prominent traits of all takumi. For a true master, time spent honing their craft is not about monetary gain, but about continuing a dialogue with time, and the heart of mankind, itself.

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