What are the costs of upholstery work?

Costs are individually calculated depending on what kind of furniture you own and what state it is in.

Please email a photo of the piece you would like to get refurbished, you will receive an estimate based on the picture. 

At dumped & ditched only the highest quality materials available are being used. No corners cut - no compromises made. We want to rest assured that our furniture will not end up on a tip anytime soon.

If the interior of a chair will need to be replaced, all layers including nails and staples will be removed. Equally, we don't shy away from adding additional layers of materials to extend the longevity of the furniture.


What about the wood work?

Yes, yes, yes! Nothing nicer than a bit of wood restoration. Stabilising frames, sanding, staining, varnishing, oiling, waxing and so forth is an integral part of our work. 


Can I receive fabric samples?

If you like a chair in the restored section and would like to see and touch the fabric before committing, you can order a sample simply by dropping a mail, referencing the name of the piece. 

If you are interested in getting your own furniture restored or considering purchasing something out of our stock to be bespoke upholstered, we can discuss your ideas, look at your interior and come up with a colour scheme that suits your house. This process can be done in person or online. Once we have narrowed down a choice of candidates we'll get samples send to your house so you can experience the material in situ.

How will the furniture be delivered?

We have set a page especially covering information regarding the delivery. Please refer to the shipping page, also located in the footer.

Any other questions?

Please fire away- go to the contact page and choose your preferred method to get in touch.