Most arrangements are little noticed, yet some stop you in your tracks. A ‘successful’ arrangement, that is, an effective arrangement, is one that powerfully engages your attention and sustains your interest.Leonard Koren

A couple of posts back, I was pondering about pottering being in integral part of my creative expression. While pottering contains an element of randomness and maybe even aimlessness, the art of arranging is more precise. Arranging objects in a given space so that each item easily accessible, in some sort of logical order and displayed in an aesthetical way can be trickier than expected. 
Leonard Koren, author of the book Arranging Things: A Rhetoric of Object Placement, sees object placement is a communicational act, a  form of aesthetic expression.  We agree! 

What do we express about ourselves when we arrange objects in a certain way? What metaphors are we creating when we group items together?

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