Pottering around is a part of my creative process. I would even go as far as to say it is essential to my happiness. Though since we have had children, I have had far too little time doing just that. I truly miss having spare time to be playful, moving things around the house, to rearrange furniture and artefacts for no other reason but because it makes me happy. 

When I worked in the film industry, I did get my fair share of playing with spacial compositions on set. But also after each project I would take time off and enjoyed spending time at home. After months of a highly hectic existence during filming, I needed a reset time. Sorting, rearranging, tidying were essential elements. My worklife is not quite as hectic anymore, but somehow I don’t get the periods of resetting either. A few back we started photoshooting content for our social media presence. I am loving these photoshoots,  I get to play with snippets of fabric, making compositions, playfully getting different elements together. Happy potter times!

fabric label.jpg