1950's Recliner Armchair Duo

1950's Recliner Armchair Duo


Are you after a set of matching armchairs?
These might just be the right fit for you. We have two of these marvelous recliners.

We will design these chairs together with you into statement pieces truly unique to you!

This armchair will be reupholstered in a mix of traditional and modern techniques, which is typical for the postwar years:

The entire chair will be stripped back to its bare bone and the sitting rebuilt from scratch. You get essentially two new chairs ingrained with history.

Contact us to discuss style options.

Price is for the two chairs. 400 AUD


Upholstery including high quality materials for the pair

1600 AUD

Wood restoration for the pair entails sanding the frame in 4 rounds of with different graded sanding paper, oiling, waxing and polishing the wood to give it a smooth natural feeling. Including materials

700 AUD

Meterage needed: 4m

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