Mid-Century Recliner

Mid-Century Recliner


This Mid-Century Recliner is wonderfully comfortable. Sit back and enjoy your evenings rest watching TV or reading a book.

The last couple of images are an example of similar chairs that we have restored. Please get in touch to discuss fabrics options. We will customise this chair to your requirements. Choose from soft, medium or hard foam pads to make this your dream chair.

Price as is 150 AUD

Upholstery includes labour for new covers, as we new inserts in high quality HR/FR commercial grade foam (with 15 years manufacturer’s warranty) modelled into shape and covered in a layer of Dacron and stockinet for extra protection and sitting comfort. Spring cover includes padded fabric.

440 AUD

Wood restoration entails sanding the frame in 4 rounds with different graded sanding paper, oiling, waxing and polishing the wood to give it a smooth natural feeling. Materials included.

320 AUD

Upholstery fabric excluded 2m needed.

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